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Association of American Medical Colleges

Aspiring Docs Diaries

Harvard Medical School student Elorm F. Avakame with his parents

A blog about what it's like to be med student today

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Ask a Med Student Video Series

two med students talking

Students talk about their path to medical school, what med school courses are like, patient experiences, and more.

Public Health Pathways for Pre-Meds

Public Health Pathways for Pre-Meds

Find training opportunities for pre-med students.

Inspiring Stories

There's a story behind every application. Read about some of the inspiring journeys others have made from applicant to medical student to physician.

If you are a medical student or resident and would like to participate in an Inspiring Stories interview, please contact for more information.

Latest Stories

Aaron Hollis Palmer

Aaron PalmerWright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine, 2016
Aaron grew up in project housing and dropped out of college twice before applying to medical school.

Sarah Mongiello Bernstein

Sarah MongielloEmory University School of Medicine, 2015
Sarah talks about overcoming her illness and tells others that it's okay get to medical school on their own timeline.

Damien M. Luviano, MD

Damien LuvianoUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical School, 2003
Born with a physical handicap and growing up undocumented, Dr. Luviano overcame many obstacles to become an ophthalmologist.

Edmond Irankunda

Edmond Indiana University School of Medicine, 2018
Growing up as a refugee in Africa, Edmond was motivated by the need for health care. During nursing school, he wanted to keep learning so he decided to pursue medical school.

Tyler Mains

Tyler Mains

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2016
Feeling limited in his role as a teacher, Tyler decided to pursue medicine to help those without easy access to health care.