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Aspiring Docs Diaries

Harvard Medical School student Elorm F. Avakame with his parents

A blog about what it's like to be a med student today

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Ask a Med Student Video Series

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Students talk about their path to medical school, what med school courses are like, patient experiences, and more.

Public Health Pathways for Pre-Meds

Public Health Pathways for Pre-Meds

Find training opportunities for pre-med students.

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Ask the Experts: Preparing for the Interview

Filomeno Maldonado is assistant dean for admissions at The Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. He has been with the college of medicine since 1988 and served in many positions there, including principal investigator and director of the Health Careers Opportunity Program-Bridge to Medicine Program and the Hispanic Center of Excellence.

Norma Wagoner, Ph.D., has served on admissions committees in five medical schools, interviewing more than 6,000 applicants. For 28 years, she served as dean of students in three of the five medical schools. She is now on the faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, interviewing 60-70 applicants a year. As an anatomy professor, she teaches first year medical students.


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"The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions" can help you get ready to apply to medical school.

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What's the Difference Between M.D. and D.O. Medical Programs?

differences and similarities between MD and DO medical programs

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