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Association of American Medical Colleges

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Medical Career Fairs

medical career fairs

Meet representatives from medical and health professions schools.

MCAT Exam Policies for U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools

MCAT Exam Policies for U.S. and Canadian Medical Schools

View MCAT® Exam policies to see which exam(s) medical schools will accept for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 application cycles.

AAMC on Student Doctor Network

Get information and tips to help you make the transition to medical school.

Recommendations for Medical School Admission Officers and Applicants

Applicants and medical schools have complementary responsibilities in the annual medical school application and admission processes.

The AAMC offers the following protocol recommendations to ensure that applicants are notified of the outcome of their medical school applications in a timely manner and that schools have no unfilled positions in their entering classes. These protocols are often referred to as “Traffic Rules” by admissions officers and pre-health advisors. Prospective applicants, their advisors, and admission staff at medical schools and programs should all be aware of these Application and Acceptance Protocols.

Policies and Procedures for Investigations

These policies and procedures are designed to promote integrity and high standards while ensuring the rights of all concerned parties.