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Testing Center Regulations and Procedures

Ensuring the authenticity and validity of test scores is a primary concern of all testing programs. Providing uniform testing procedures and maintaining test security serves the interest of examinees and test score users. In order to provide fair, equal, and secure testing conditions for all examinees, the staff at each testing center will follow common procedures. All examinees are required to comply with these regulations and procedures.

  • Scratch paper, ear covers (industrial), and pencils are provided. You may bring your own wireless earplugs for additional noise reduction. If you bring your own wireless ear plugs, make sure they are in an unopened package and present them to the Test Center Administrator for inspection. No other testing aids are allowed.
  • Other than ID, no personal items are allowed in the testing room. Personal belongings, including telephones, pagers, books, handbags, food, jackets, and hats must be stored in the designated locker that has been assigned to you.
  • You must sign in and out each time you enter and leave the test room. You must produce identification each time before entering the test room.
  • A digital image of your fingerprint will be taken and your identification will be re-scanned each time before entering the test room. (For more information, see Identity Verification Service.)
  • If you require assistance during the exam, raise your hand and the testing center Administrator will come to assist you.
  • The testing center Administrator will assign you to a seat. You will not be permitted to select your own seat. You must follow the directions and verbal instructions of the testing staff.
  • Access to the examination room will be restricted to testing center personnel, examinees, and authorized observers.
  • Once the examination is launched, you are considered to have tested even if you void or do not complete the test.
  • The testing clock will begin to count down as soon as the examination is started. The timer is visible on your testing monitor throughout the examination. Time is counted down by section. If you end a section early, you may continue on to the next section. The additional time will not be counted towards any subsequent sections.
  • You will not be allowed to eat, drink, or smoke in the testing room. Lockers are provided to hold personal items.
  • Energy-saving practices vary widely, and you may find the testing room colder or warmer than you expected. Therefore, you should dress comfortably and be prepared for varying room temperatures. It is wise to bring a sweater or sweatshirt. If the test proctor permits you to wear a sweater or jacket into the testing room, it may not be removed in the testing room. If you remove an item of clothing (for example, a sweater) during the exam, you will be instructed to place it in the secure area. The exam clock will not stop during this time.
  • Measures are taken to ensure that the testing environment is comfortable and that testing procedures provide for fair, equal, and secure testing conditions. If, after taking the MCAT exam, you have a concern regarding test-day procedures or the test room environment, you should inform the testing center Administrator on the day of testing and submit your concern by following the steps outlined in the 2014 MCAT® Essentials  immediately after the test.
  • Steps are taken that are intended to ensure that MCAT registration and answers are properly handled, processed, and scored. In the unlikely event that a mistake occurs in handling, processing, or scoring registration or answers or in reporting scores the error will be corrected, if possible, or the examinee will be permitted to either retest at no additional fee or to receive a refund of his or her examination fee.

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MCAT Security Tip Line

The MCAT program considers the integrity and security of the exam process to be very important. If you observe any irregular behavior or exam security violations before, during, or after an examination, please call the MCAT Security tip line at 202-903-0840, or send an e-mail to: If you choose to remain anonymous, the AAMC will not disclose your identity unless required by law.

Honoring Your Examinee Agreement

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