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MCAT Scores

Viewing Your Scores

Understanding Your Scores

The three sections of the MCAT exam each result in a separate score. The multiple-choice sections are scored on a 15-point scale.

Requesting a Rescore

Quality control procedures are in place to ensure the accuracy of scores and score reporting; however, you may request a rescore if you believe a scoring error has occured.

The fastest, most reliable, and most secure way to submit a rescore request is to use the MCAT Document Uploader, which is available in the MCAT Scheduling and Registration System (credit card payments only).

Please see the 2014 MCAT® Essentials for more information on submitting a rescore request.

Getting Your Scores Into AMCAS

If you have taken the exam since 2003, your scores are automatically released to AMCAS. This means you do not need to take any extra steps to insert your scores into your application, but this also means that you cannot withhold any scores from AMCAS.

If you need to release scores from a test taken prior to 2003, please use the THx System.

Sending to Non-AMCAS Institutions

You may release your scores electronically, via the MCAT Testing History (THx) System, to other centralized application services: AACOMAS, CASPA, SOPHAS, etc. as well as other individual institutions. If the institution to which you want to send your scores is not listed in the THx System, you may use the system to print and mail a copy of your score report.

How Long Are Scores Valid?

Medical schools usually accept scores dating back two or three years. If you have taken the exam previously, we recommend that you consult the MSAR® to check the application policies of each school to which you intend to apply.

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