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Creating a Study Plan

While there is no one way to prepare for the MCAT exam, making sure you give yourself adequate time to prepare is critical. The amount of time you will need really depends on you. Have you completed all of the coursework that is associated with MCAT content? Do you feel confident in all content areas? Are there some content topics or skills that you feel require more in-depth study or practice? Are you comfortable with the online testing format?

You may also find it useful to break down the studying into manageable chunks, realizing that you can’t tackle everything at once. This will also help give you a sense of the amount of time you will need so you can prepare at a comfortable pace. The best study plans are those that are tailored to an individual’s needs.

7 Steps for Studying with the Official MCAT Prep Resources

1. Discover what topics may be covered and what skills will be tested on the exam with content outlines.

2. Get an introduction to the exam with The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam.

3. Complete free e-MCAT Practice Test 3 to get a baseline score.

4. Find out how The Official MCAT® Self-Assessment Package can help you; select Tutorials to view the videos.

5. Consider buying a self-assessment to learn your strengths and weaknesses in MCAT content.

6. Study by targeting your weaknesses and reinforcing your strengths.

7. Complete additional e-MCAT Practice Tests to monitor your progress.

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