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MCAT Practice Tests FAQ

How are the AAMC's MCAT practice tests different from other practice test materials that are commercially available?

The practice tests offered by the AAMC are the only tests that are comprised of actual MCAT items. In fact, they are actually retired forms of the test that were previously administered in "live" MCAT administrations. The scores you receive on MCAT Practice Tests are based upon the live performance of the items. If you take MCAT Practice Tests under the required standardized testing conditions, it will provide the best estimate of what your likely MCAT scores would be, given your level of preparation at the time you take the practice test.

What are the differences between the practice tests and the real MCAT tests?

There are some minor differences between the practice MCAT tests and the real MCAT. The following features can be used on the online practice MCAT tests but are not available on the real test: Search, Notes, Pause, Solutions, and Self-Diagnosis. Item Numbering differs as well. A description of these features is available in the online practice tests after the end of the tutorial, but before the start of the test questions.

How should I adjust the practice test settings in order to most closely replicate the real MCAT test?

For a test experience most similar to the real MCAT, select the Simulate Actual Test setting when you start a test. This will most closely mimic the actual test environment in your practice. This setting selects the following options:

  • Timing - On
  • Deliver the Questions - Sequential
  • Self Diagnosis - Off
  • Solutions - Do Not Show
  • Difficulty - All
  • Deliver the Following - Entire Test

You can change these settings to use the practice test as a study tool.

Are the Practice Tests as hard as the real MCAT exam?

They are real MCAT exams! The items comprising these tests were pulled from the same item pool that is used to create the current MCAT. Any perceived differences in difficulty between these MCAT Practice Tests reflects normally occurring variations across tests. Any perceived differences in difficulty between these MCAT Practice Tests reflects normally occurring variations across tests. It's important to note that the conditions under which you take the practice tests may be simulated but not perfectly matched-your level of preparation, anxiety, how you feel that the testing environment on test day may influence your scores. So differences between your practice test scores and real scores are not common.

Do commercial review companies use MCAT Practice Tests?

Many commercial review companies purchase MCAT Practice Tests from the AAMC and administer them as part of their course, or otherwise make them available for their students. Be aware that there are also many "MCAT-like" tests also in circulation. The AAMC logo and copyright statements identify authentic MCAT Practice Tests.

Can I print the tests from the Web version?

Yes, MCAT Practice Online provides you with the ability to print the tests. You can elect to print the test, and later enter your responses into MCAT Practice Online's "score paper test" feature. This will enable you to receive the benefits of automated scoring, integrated solutions and the diagnostic feedback—along with all the other features. Please keep in mind that when you print the test, the test is copyrighted by the AAMC and may not be distributed to anyone else.

Can I print the Solutions from the Web version?

No. The Solutions are an integrated feature of MCAT Practice Online and cannot be printed. However, you have the option of reviewing Solutions when the items are initially presented (turn on/off), or from the "review" feature, you can quickly return to any items to review the Solution. You can also return to only the items you "marked" or answered incorrectly.

How old are the MCAT Practice Tests, and which one is best?

The current offerings of MCAT Practice Tests were administered as "live" forms in the mid-1990s through 2000. The dates they were administered, however, is really not important. Each test is representative of the current MCAT. Because they are all authentic MCAT exams, they are all good examples of MCAT exams.

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