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The MCAT2015 Exam for Students


A Better Test for Tomorrow’s Doctors. That’s what the new Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) is designed to deliver.

Who will take the MCAT2015 exam?

If you plan to apply to medical school with a goal to start in the fall of 2016, this is the exam to consider. If you are applying for medical school with a start date before the fall of 2016, please visit the Web site for the current MCAT exam for more information.

The changes to the MCAT exam in 2015 preserve what works about the current exam, eliminate what isn’t working, and further enrich the MCAT exam by giving attention to the concepts tomorrow’s doctors will need.

  • Natural sciences sections of the MCAT2015 exam reflect recent changes in medical education.
  • Addition of the social and behavioral sciences section, Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior, recognizes the importance of socio-cultural and behavioral determinants of health and health outcomes.
  • And the new Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section reflects the fact that medical schools want well-rounded applicants from a variety of backgrounds.

Preparing for the MCAT2015 Exam

The Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam (Second Edition)  is a blueprint for the new exam, which is scheduled to be introduced in 2015. The new exam is designed to help prepare tomorrow’s doctors for the challenges, advancements, and reformations of our future health care system. The first applicants to sit for the MCAT2015 exam will be those who apply to medical school for the fall 2016.

The Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam describes the new exam's content and format. It also lists and discusses the new exam’s conceptual framework―which is organized around Foundational Concepts, Content Categories, and Scientific Inquiry and Reasoning Skills―provides sample test questions, and includes information about products and services to help examinees and others prepare for the MCAT2015 exam.

In short, the Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam is a valuable tool for all potential examinees, pre-health advisors, other baccalaureate faculty, and medical school admission officers.

Updates will be posted here as they become available―so check back often!

Please Note - Content in the Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam (Second Edition) is preliminary. It will likely be refined (in minor ways) as testing experts continue their work on the exam.

Informational Videos

Khan Academy Video Tutorials

Through a collaboration with The Khan Academy and with funding support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, free video tutorials and review questions for the MCAT2015 exam are being created.  To preview the list of videos currently available, please visit the Pre-health Collection within MedEdPORTAL’s iCollaborative.  We anticipated having all the video tutorials and questions in the collection by the summer of 2014.

MCAT2015: A Better Test for Tomorrow's Doctors

The following video features a medical student and a resident talking to you about their personal experiences taking the MCAT exam, how the MCAT2015 exam is different, and suggestions on how to prepare for it.

Preview Guide for the MCAT2015 Exam (Second Edition)

Preview Guide for MCAT2015

The updated guide describes the new MCAT exam's content and format. It also lists and discusses the new exam’s conceptual framework in detail, and provides topic lists and sample test questions.

An Open Letter to Pre-Med Students from the AAMC President

AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, M.D.

Dr. Kirch explains why the coming changes to the MCAT® exam will make it an even better exam by helping medical schools identify not only the students who are the most academically prepared to become physicians, but also those who have the potential to become the best doctors in a changing health care system.

MCAT2015 Timeline

Timeline of MCAT2015 Exam

Download the timeline 


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