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What are the differences between a Committee Letter, Letter Packet, and an Individual Letter?

Each of the following letter types is considered one letter entry in the AMCAS application.

  • Committee Letter: A Committee Letter is a letter authored by a pre-health committee or pre-health advisor and intended to represent your institution's evaluation of you. A Committee Letter may or may not include additional letters written in support of your application.
  • Letter Packet: A Letter Packet is a packet or set of letters assembled and distributed by your institution, often by the institution's career center. A Letter Packet may include a cover sheet from your pre-health committee or advisor; however, in contrast to a Committee Letter, a Letter Packet does not include an evaluative letter from your pre-health committee or advisor.
  • Individual Letter: An Individual Letter refers to a letter authored by, and representing, a single letter writer. If you have already included an Individual Letter within either a Committee Letter or a Letter Packet, you should not add a separate entry for the Individual Letter.

If your letters are being forwarded by your university advising office or career center, and you are unaware as to how your university compiles letters of evaluation, please consult your pre-health advising office prior to entering letter information to avoid complications with your AMCAS application.

Please note: If your advisor is sending a Committee/Letter Packet to AMCAS, the entire Committee Letter/Letter Packet will be sent to the schools you've designated to receive this letter. AMCAS will not remove a letter from your packet once it has been received. Therefore, if you wish to send a letter specifically to one medical school, you should enter this as an Individual Letter and have it sent separately from the packet.

Questions about Letters of Evaluation:

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