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What is the Early Decision Program?

The Early Decision Program (EDP) gives you the opportunity to secure an acceptance from one EDP-participating medical school by October 1, while still allowing sufficient time to apply to other schools if you are not accepted.

The EDP is a restricted program, in that applicants are bound by program agreements. To apply through the Early Decision Program (EDP), you must:

  • Apply to only one U.S. medical school by the stated deadline date (August 3 for schools that participate in AMCAS). You may not apply through the EDP if you have already submitted an initial or secondary application (AMCAS or non-AMCAS) to a U.S. medical school or a M.D. degree program for the current entering class;
  • Provide the school with all required supplemental information by the stated deadline date (August 3 for those schools that participate in AMCAS);
  • NOT submit additional application(s) (AMCAS or non-AMCAS) until:

    • receipt of an EDP rejection; or
    • receipt of a formal release from the EDP commitment; or
    • the October 1 notification deadline passes. Contact your EDP school if you have not been notified of your status by October 1.
  • Attend only this school if offered a place under the EDP.

All EDP applicants accepted by a medical school must adhere to the tenets of the Early Decision Program. This includes, but is not limited to, applicants accepted to the current entering class, delayed matriculants from a previous entering class, and all other applicants who are required by the medical school to submit an ED application to the current entering class. Under these circumstances, application to other schools is prohibited. Any violation of these conditions will result in an investigation. Medical Schools agree:

  • To notify EDP applicants of admission decisions by October 1; and
  • To defer applicants to the regular applicant pool, if appropriate.

Questions about the Early Decision Program (EDP):

This application is for those applying to the 2016 entering class.

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