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Association of American Medical Colleges

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Medical School Admission Requirements Website Demos

This series of short demos will show you how to sign in and use all of the Medical School Admission Requirements website features, including searches, accessing particular content, writing notes, comparing schools side by side, and saving them as favorites.

Sign In

Searching the Site

Additional Instruction

  • Saving Favorites (1:14)
    How to save schools and programs as favorites and view them later
  • Notes (1:07)
    How to write, save, and print notes about schools and program in your Medical School Admission Requirements account
  • Compare Schools (1:18)
    How to compare up to five medical schools side-by-side

New AAMC Resource

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Check out a preview of the AAMC's all-new website for pre-meds, students, and residents navigating their medical careers.

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AMCAS Letter Writer Application

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Medical School Admission Requirements

The Official Guide to Medical School Admissions

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Best resource for up-to-date, accurate info on medical schools.

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