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Using MCAT Data in 2020 Medical Student Selection (PDF)

This comprehensive guide presents information about how to interpret and use MCAT scores in the context of holistic review.

  • Concepts and skills measured by the exam

  • Characteristics of examinees and how they prepare for and perform on the exam

  • How admissions committees work with scores in admissions

  • How well MCAT scores and undergraduate GPAs predict students’ performance in medical school

  • New validity findings, including how well MCAT scores and undergraduate GPAs predict summative performance in pre-clerkships and on the USMLE Step 1 exam, and progression through the first two years of medical school.

Academic Medicine collection (2019)

Read research articles published by the AAMC MCAT Validity Committee, which describes their work to evaluate the new exam.

Academic Medicine collection (2013)  (PDF)

In May 2013, collection of articles was published in Academic Medicine that describe the research that supports the design of the MCAT2015 exam.

MCAT Validity Research  (PDF)

This 16-page PDF resource describes the MCAT validity research agenda to evaluate the fairness, use, impact, and predictive validity of the new MCAT exam. It includes a comprehensive overview of the research agenda, objectives, timeline for data collection and release, and ways you and your committee can stay up-to-date.

Validity Research on the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section  (PDF)

Annotated Bibliography of MCAT® Research

The bibliography presents a list of publications and presentations about research on the MCAT® exam since 1987. Among the areas explored are the relationship between performance on the test and performance at difference stages of medical education, test validity, reliability and equating issues, medical college selection procedures, and issues related to acceptance to medical school.

Recent presentations from the MCAT program and MCAT Validity Committee


2019 Regional GSA Meetings

From the MCAT session presented at the 2019 regional Western GSA in Reno, NV, the regional Northeast GSA in Boston, MA, and the regional joint Central/Southern GSA in Louisville, KY.

MCAT Update: 2019 Regional Meetings  (PDF)

In this presentation, MCAT staff presented information on how admissions officers are working with MCAT scores, how well MCAT scores and undergraduate GPA predict student performance in medical school, data on 2016-2018 test takers, and how examinees are preparing for the exam and the resources we have to help address some of the common challenges all examinees experience when preparing.

Learn-Serve-Lead 2018: AAMC Annual Meeting

Below are the slide decks from the MCAT sessions presented during Learn-Serve-Lead: AAMC Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.


The New MCAT Exam: Studying the Validity, Use, and Impact of the New Exam (PDF)

In this presentation, members of the MCAT Validity Committee presented an overview of the MCAT validity research program, how well MCAT scores predict students' pre-clerkship and USMLE Step 1 performance, how admissions officers worked with the new scores in 2018 admissions decisions, and how examinees prepared for test day. 

MCAT Update (PDF)

This presentation summarized the current information available about the applicants to the 2017 and 2018 admission cycle, information about examinees who tested in 2017 and 2018 and how they performed, and highlighted the ongoing work to study the predictive validity of the new exam.

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