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The MCAT Exam and COVID-19

Last Updated: October 8, 2020

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On September 28, we completed the 2020 testing cycle. In an extremely challenging year for everyone, we are pleased to report that more than 88,000 examinees took almost 100,000 MCAT exams this year, one of the largest numbers in history. Most significantly, the health and safety record for the examinees and testing staff was positive. We are grateful for the vigilance and cooperation from everyone involved in this process.

We also respect and value the feedback we received from examinees, pre-health advisors, and admissions officers. We listened carefully to the suggestions and criticism, which prompted us to review every aspect of the testing process. Going forward, we will continue to assess our plans and procedures so that we can make improvements as necessary.

This page provides resources and updates about testing to help the admissions community complete the 2021 application cycle and prepare for the upcoming 2022 cycle. Contact us at MCATAdmissions@aamc.org with questions. 

Testing Plans for 2021

There are 31 MCAT testing dates between January and September including a similar number of testing appointments as in previous years. We’ve added an extra date in January knowing there might be examinees who still want to test and are 2021 applicants. Read about the 2021 MCAT calendar and score release dates for January test dates

Beginning in January, the MCAT exam will once again return to its traditional length.

Each exam day will offer two full-length exam sessions: one at 7:30 a.m. and the other at 3:00 p.m. This schedule helps limit the number of people in a test center and allows for the necessary social distancing.

Again, as in past years, scores will be reported within a 30-35 day window following test dates.

Visit our FAQs for more information about the testing plans for 2021.

Read about the 2021 MCAT registration and testing plans.

Health and Safety

When testing resumes in January, test centers will have rigorous health and safety measures in place, including requiring the use of face masks and limiting the number of people in each MCAT test session to allow for social distancing.

Visit our FAQs for more information about health and safety.

learn more about the health and safety protocols in place at MCAT test centers

Score Reporting and Score Use

Again, as in past years, scores will be reported within a 30-35 day window following test dates. 

Please see the Using MCAT Data in 2021 Medical Student Selection guide for information about how to interpret and use MCAT scores in the context of holistic review. 

Visit our FAQs for more information about score reporting and score use.

Please email us at any time at MCATAdmissions@aamc.org with your questions or comments about these plans and how we can help you.

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