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GHLO® for Students


The GHLO® Collaborative helps medical students pursue clinical, research, and public health electives outside their home country.

GHLO® Services Privacy Statement

The AAMC recognizes its responsibility to treat with care the information it collects about individuals and to respect their privacy relative to sensitive data concerning them. Personal information may include names, identification numbers, contact information, academic records, health records, and other biographical information.

Personal information collected by a GHLO® service is protected by the AAMC Privacy Statement and this GHLO Services Privacy Statement.  Your use of a GHLO service signifies your understanding of these policies and your consent to the collection and use of your information as designated below.

The AAMC discloses information provided in a GHLO application to the applicant’s home school, to the host institutions to which the applicant designates the information to be sent, and to AAMC’s third party processor(s).  Home schools and host institutions provide information to AAMC about individuals’ application to and participation in electives obtained through the GHLO service. Such information permits us to improve the quality of the service and to better inform home schools and host institutions on their conduct of global health exchanges.  Information on an individual’s participation in the GHLO program may be combined with other information retained by AAMC about that individual’s education.  We publish information on GHLO applicants, participants, and alumni in the form of aggregate statistics. Except for the disclosures listed above, we do not share information about individuals in a way that would permit individual identification.

We do not sell mailing lists, email addresses, or other contact information on GHLO applicants, participants, or alumni to commercial vendors.  We may provide your email address and other contact information to third party service providers, under contractual obligations that limit use and maintain confidentiality, for the purpose of establishing eligibility for education-related services and products. 

The AAMC uses data submitted via a GHLO service in analyses aimed at improving the quality of our products and services. We also use these data to support worthwhile research projects.  If the project involves human subject research, we support or conduct such research only after an independent institutional review board reviews the research proposal and establishes that the rights of individuals are safeguarded.

On occasion, we agree to support researchers outside of the AAMC who are interested in contacting GHLO applicants, participants, or alumni for the purpose of surveying them on issues that are important to medical education. We do this infrequently, and only by notifying the person by email of the opportunities to participate in such research. We do not provide the email addresses of GHLO applicants, participants, or alumni directly to these researchers.

This GHLO Privacy Statement is effective October 1, 2012. If we change our policy, we will post any changes on this page so that you are aware of the information that we collect and how we use it.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us at