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Telephone: 202-683-4678

Have questions related to GHLO? Please read Frequently Asked Questions.

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GHLO® for Students


The GHLO® Collaborative helps medical students pursue clinical, research, and public health electives outside their home country.

Medical School FAQs

How can my institution join the GHLO Collaborative?

If you are interested in joining the GHLO Collaborative, we encourage you to attend an informational GHLObinar to learn how you can apply to the GHLO collaborative. You can email to set up a meeting with the GHLO Team to learn more about this international initiative.

We have minimal capacity in our clinical slots. How can we be part of the GHLO Collaborative?

Schools will have the option of joining the GHLO Collaborative as a host institution (receiving international medical students), home school (sending their own medical students abroad), or both. A hosting institution decides when it can offer clinical electives and in which specialties. Hosting capacity is likely increased during the time of year when an institution’s final year students are attending electives elsewhere.  Also, you are eligible to offer research electives, and/or projects into the GHLO Application service.

Will GHLO be limited to only clinical electives?

No, a hosting institution can offer research electives, hybrid clinical and research offerings, as well as public health/global health electives to supplement, or in lieu of, clinical electives. Students will be able to search the database by elective type. 

Who will be able to see the information posted in the GHLO application service?

Only medical schools that belong in the GHLO Collaborative will be allowed to post elective opportunities, and only students who attend those medical schools will be able to search for and apply to elective offerings. A hosting institution can limit the information they would like viewed, based on institutional preferences.  

We require an affiliation agreement with partner institutions.  Will there be a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or affiliation agreement executed among the institutions in the GHLO Collaborative?

The GHLO Collaborative has a set of governing documents that formally establishes the relationship between institutions. There is no expectation that schools would need to execute an additional agreement or MOU with each institution in the GHLO network. Instead by virtue of accepting the terms of engagement and affiliation in the GHLO Collaborative, there will be a defacto MOU with each school. Once accepted into the GHLO Collaborative, institutions will have to sign and abide by the GHLO Participation Agreement.

When will the application for institutions interested in joining the GHLO Collaborative be available?

Applications to the GHLO Collaborative are available now and is on a rolling admission basis. If interested in applying to join, a medical school should request an application to

Following application submission, and additional follow-up steps, a decision will be rendered as quickly as possible, allowing enough time for an institution to execute the agreement, submit payment, and receive software training before student mobility can occur.