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GHLO is a program of the Association of American Medical Colleges

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About GHLO®


To be a community of health professionals transformed by global experiences.


To provide a global network that facilitates educational mobility for health professionals.

Facilitating Global Health Education

The AAMC recognizes that with ever-increasing globalization in medicine there is growing interest on the part of medical students and medical schools to incorporate international electives into their medical education. Cross-border medical exchanges enable students to work with different patient populations, develop cross-cultural understanding, and learn about health systems and approaches to medical care in other nations.

Increasingly, students are seeking international opportunities from their medical schools, but not all institutions have the capacity to develop and manage such programs.

To meet this demand, the AAMC launched a new application service called Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO®) (pronounced "glow"). GHLO facilitates clinical, global health, and research elective rotations globally for final year medical students. The GHLO application service has been created to foster collaboration between U.S. and international medical schools for student mobility through a robust Web-based application service.

The GHLO Collaborative

Institutions that join the GHLO collaborative will be collaborators in an innovative global network of leading caliber institutions around the world that acknowledge the value of cultural contexts in medical education. The collaborative will facilitate educational mobility of health professionals and promote standardization of quality with special consideration to institutional autonomy.

This engagement will allow the cadre of institutions to enhance dialogue, exchange ideas and best practices, and conduct joint research towards innovation and building global understanding.

Institutional Benefits

Creates mechanism for communication and collaboration among institutions

Provides information about the hosting institution and its elective offerings

Customizes elective requirements

Tracks students and receives post-elective evaluation from host

Grants credit for elective

Provides your students to unlimited international opportunities.

Requirements for Joining the GHLO Collaborative

Institutions that wish to join the GHLO collaborative must exhibit the following:

  • In good standing with national agencies, granting authorities, and/or accrediting entities

  • Capacity and infrastructure for hosting visiting international students

  • Technology infrastructure and support

  • Commitment to offering high quality experiences

  • Meaningful mentorship and elective supervision

  • Dynamic collaboration with GHLO collaborators

  • Recognition of the importance of adequate pre-departure, on-site, and post elective support to students

  • Enthusiastic engagement and responsiveness

Institutions that demonstrate these qualities, as well as other characteristics not listed here, are eligible to apply to the GHLO collaborative.

Apply to the GHLO Collaborative

There is no application deadline.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  The GHLO Headquarters is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 cycle.  In order to apply to the GHLO Collaborative, the following steps must be completed: 

1.       Request the application by emailing

2.       Complete the GHLO Collaborative application either online or in paper form.

3.       Once you have submitted your application, please allow up to one month for application processing

4.       Once a final decision on your application has been made it will be communicated to you by email or phone.

Participating Institution Cost

Participant dues vary from institution to institution and depend on a variety of factors. These factors include national economic ranking utilizing the World Bank Index, current participation in the AAMC’s domestic mobility program, VSAS, and the GHLO role your institution selects. (Home Institution – sending your students abroad, Host Institution – offering electives to international students, or both roles).   Additionally, there will be several payment options and reduction in annual dues, based on additional factors. To receive a detailed quote for your institution, please e-mail

Learn More

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) is holding monthly informational webinars (called GHLObinars) to provide more detailed information about the GHLO Collaborative. 

If you would like to sign up to attend a GHLObinar, please send an e-mail to

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a member of the GHLO Team to discuss the GHLO Collaborative in depth, please e-mail to set up an appointment time.

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