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Planning for Residency Interviews

Tips for Advising Students During the Interview Process

We know that the residency selection process is a significant turning point on your students’ path to medicine. As the residency interview season begins, the AAMC is working to help raise awareness and address some counter-productive behaviors that impact the interview process for everyone.

As a result of the competitive nature of securing a residency, we understand that applicants often miss class, skip or leave rotations, or are glued to their phones when they are expecting interview invitations. We are also aware that that schools often invest time and energy helping students disadvantaged by the complex and fast-moving nature of the application process as well as those who fail to match because they have difficulty navigating the process.

Your institution can help by making sure that your students make the best use of their time, energy and attention during interview season. The AAMC recommends:

  • Continue mentoring students as they select programs, help them manage the volume of applications they submit by selecting a realistic number of programs to which they can apply and determining a maximum number of interviews they can realistically attend;
  • Encouraging students to confirm and adhere to each program’s interview response and cancellation deadlines; and
  • Advising students about the importance of professionalism in scheduling and conducting interviews.

    You may also login to the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine site for key resources to support students seeking interviews.

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