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Navigating the 2019 Admissions Cycle

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New Application and Acceptance Protocols (“traffic rules”) were approved for the 2019 admissions cycle to guide how medical school admissions officers and applicants should interact and share information during the medical school application process. These protocols are distributed for the information of prospective MD and MD-PhD students, their advisors, and personnel at the medical schools and programs to which they have applied, and are offered in the spirit of undertaking the admissions process with the high degree of integrity expected of the medical profession. These guidelines are not intended to supersede the policies, timelines, or discretion of the individual schools or programs.

Committed to working together with the admissions community to identify effective solutions for supporting future admissions seasons, the AAMC convened a working group of national stakeholders to provide subject matter expertise and to serve as liaisons to ensure that constituent feedback informs the development of new products and resources.

  • Ad Hoc Working Group on Admissions Tools and Resources Roster (member-only content; sign in required)

Recommendations from the Ad Hoc Working Group on Admissions

The chairs of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Admissions Tools and Resources suggest schools consider the following as they continue to prepare for this season. 

  • Communicate and socialize the revised protocols and AMCAS for Schools tools with your internal stakeholders.
  • Develop school-specific policies, procedures, and processes and include those in your orientation and training for your Interview and selection committee members.
  • Update your MSAR profile by completing the new “admission policies and information” field under the “Application Policies” section. Use it to clarify your case-by-case policies for accepting applicants or explain new admissions policies and procedures you have implemented for the 2019 application cycle. You can also use this field to enter school specific deadlines or instructions.
  • Share the same information on your website, in recruitment materials, and in relevant institutional applications (secondary application, dual-degree application, etc.) As a reminder, your MSAR profile is not locked. You can make edits as needed throughout the year at
  • Communicate your school’s policies and procedures throughout the interview process, including in your interview packet and review it on interview day.
  • Include reminders in notifications, letters, and packets provided to applicants regarding their acceptance status (accepted, alternate list, etc.)
  • Reiterate your policies and procedures in your pre-matriculation packet and in materials provided if you have a second look visitation program.

AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool

Beginning with the 2019 application cycle, AMCAS will provide a suite of tools and reports that better protect applicant confidentiality while promoting fairness in the application process for applicants and medical schools alike. Developed in partnership with the Ad Hoc Working Group on Admissions Tools and Resources, Choose Your Medical School is the first of these new tools. The objective of the Choose Your Medical School Tool is to improve a school’s ability to know the intentions and final selections of applicants within their applicant pool. However, it is not intended to take the place of the primary and official communications between an applicant and a school.

Update Your MSAR Profile with your 2019 Admissions Policies

As you revise your admissions policies in light of the 2019 Application and Acceptance Protocols, be sure to update your MSAR profile with this important information.

Access the MSAR

For feedback or questions about the 2019 Application and Acceptance Protocols, please contact

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