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Reporting Final Admission Actions to AMCAS

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All admission actions must be reported to the AAMC through AMCAS within seven days of orientation. For a description of each AMCAS Admission Action see Appendix C of the School Tools User Manual.

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First-year Admission Actions

Medical schools may report admission actions in one of two ways:

  1. School Tools AP*: The AP is the primary system for action submission. Actions are received in near real-time when submitted through the Actions tab.
  2. Direct Database Insertion*: This option allows direct insertion of admission action data to a school's local AMCAS database for subsequent ADI transmission.

*These reporting methods are only available to AMCAS-participating schools that have the local database and ADI client installed. Schools not participating in AMCAS will use the AAUU to submit admission actions.

Advanced Standing/Transfer Admission Actions

The AMCAS application is only for those applying to their first year of medical school. Medical schools are expected to report acceptances of Advanced Standing/Transfer students to the AAMC by adding and updating acceptee information in the Student Records System (SRS)Guidelines for the Consideration of Applications for Transfer of Advanced Standing Students have been developed by the Group on Student Affairs.

Additional information about the process for reporting Advanced Standing/Transfer students includes instructions to assist Registrars completing the necessary steps in SRS.

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