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Medical residents during class at the university

The AAMC provides services and resources for medical schools, advisors, residency programs and directors, and health care professionals as they help aspiring doctors through their journeys from premed to residency.

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ERAS streamlines the residency application process for applicants, their designated dean's offices, letter of recommendation authors, and program directors.

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The VSLO program helps medical and public health students connect with institutions offering short-term elective opportunities to enhance their education.

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The AMCAS program provides the centralized medical school application service and streamlines the exchange of information between aspiring doctors and schools.

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Explore resources about the AAMC PREview™ professional readiness exam for admissions officers.

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The MCAT exam tests the foundational concepts and reasoning skills students need to be ready for today’s medical school.


Convey® Global Disclosure System

Convey helps individuals and organizations eliminate redundancies and streamline the disclosure process by aggregating information and making it accessible.

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion
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Get the latest information on the residency application process, including updates on ERAS and SOAP®.

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Holistic Review refers to mission-aligned admissions or selection processes that consider a broad range of factors when reviewing applications.

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StandPoint™ Surveys offer robust custom engagement surveys that target unique factors known to drive the engagement and retention of faculty and staff.

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The Medical School Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) is a national questionnaire administered by the AAMC.

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A strategic plan shapes and guides what an organization is, who it serves, what it does, and why.

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Since 2009, over one-third of medical schools have participated in the StandPoint Faculty Engagement Survey.

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In 2015, ten medical schools participated in the Staff Success Engagement Survey. The AAMC collected data from over 5,000 staff respondents.

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The AAMC collected data from over 700 faculty from across nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, allied health, and other health professions schools.

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The StandPoint™ Faculty Engagement Survey for Health Professionals allows institutions to measure faculty engagement across health science centers.

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The StandPoint™ Faculty Engagement Survey provides the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of your institution’s talent management policies and practices.