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Westchester Medical Center Health Network Telephone Lab Results Reporting

Last Updated: June 23, 2020


Medical students took an active role in Westchester Medical Center Health Network's COVID-19 lab reporting initiative. Our team reported COVID-19 Nasopharynx lab results for Westchester Medical Center and MidHudson Regional Hospital in New York. Patients from the community were tested in outpatient tents at the hospitals. The lab resulting team was an interprofessional team of medical students (M1-M4) with hospital practice employees and nurses. Our group reported hundreds of patients each day for the Westchester Medical Center Health Network. Results were delivered over phone call completed from the hospital telephone center. Students received EMR access and training on the job. The first volunteers served as training experts for new students that joined the workforce. The training sessions were designed to help student volunteers report results and give subsequent medical and isolation recommendations. Additionally, emphasis on empathy and community resources helped student volunteers report results effectively and efficiently. Our direct patient interaction were an invaluable asset to our patient centered care education. Student leaders had the opportunity to organize schedules and EMR access for the lab resulting team to ensure adequate coverage throughout each day. The team created a shared Google folder to house schedules for sign up, workflow training sheets, and information for network access. This created an easy to use system for sharing information in the midst of rapidly changing systems. 


Ariana Matz, MS3, New York Medical College (amatz@nymc.edu)