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University of Maryland Medical Center Mask Fit Testing

Last Updated: May 18, 2020


University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) is conducting fit testing for disposable (N95) and reusable (Elastomeric) masks for all staff at the Downtown and Midtown hospital locations. Medical students from all years (M1-M4) are welcome to participate in this effort. These students are trained as fit testers and then asked to volunteer for shifts from 7am-11pm Monday through Sunday. They are also trained to teach staff how to properly don/doff, clean, and store masks. They also help check these masks in and out for staff at the beginning and end of their shifts based using internal recording software. Students are collaborating on this effort with supplementary staff from nursing units and physical and respiratory therapy departments. The UMMC Covid-19 Command Center and Infection Control supervise these efforts.


Gabriella Miller, MS-IV, University of Maryland School of Medicine (gabriella.miller@som.umaryland.edu)