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Temperature Screeners - Westchester Medical Center Entrances

Last Updated: May 14, 2020


Westchester County was one of the first hit communities of the Covid-19 pandemic and is in the hardest hit state of New York. Westchester Medical Center (WMC) is home to the only Level I Trauma Center (for both pediatric and adult cases) and 24/7 Medevac in the region. For these reasons, WMC was one of the first hospitals to be inundated with patients battling COVID-19. Since WMC shares a campus and community with New York Medical College NYC, medical students hit the ground running to assist in any way possible. 

WMC required extra staffing to assist in implementing new safety measures at every entrance of the hospital (which are now very restricted around the clock. Students heeded this call immediately. This was one of the first programs up and running where NYMC students stepped in – it was in full swing by March 20th. The NYMC student coordinator worked with the WMC coordinator to schedule students for in-person trainings. Students were taught safety measures for themselves and those they monitored, how to use the supplies they were given, and what to look out for. They learned of the new (and continually changing) restrictions on who was allowed to enter the hospital premises, which they would implement with the security guard stationed at the same entrance. They signed up for multiple 4, 6, and 8-hour shifts a week, and covered all entrances day and night. Students pick up supplies and staff the entrances of the hospital to monitor the temperature of every person entering (healthcare workers, security personnel, delivery people, patients, guardians, etc.). Anyone with a fever over 100℉ was noted and asked not to enter the building, and all entrants were required to have a face mask. The project is still ongoing. 


Eliana Jacobson, New York Medical College (ejacobso9@student.nymc.edu)