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Simple Face Shield Construction for COVID-19 Relief: Three-Piece Face Shield

Last Updated: May 18, 2020


The New York Medical College (NYMC) PPE Construction Project was started as a response to address the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) shortage in Westchester County and New York City due to COVID-19. Our goal was to create handmade PPE to be distributed to any facilities (including nursing homes and first responders) that were experiencing shortages. Our operation included 4 main steps:

  1. Determine Need
  2. Source Materials
  3. Acquire Funding
  4. Assembly/Distribution

The team was comprised of students of all years from the School of Medicine as well as the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences. Additionally, the team was supported by New York Medical College academic administration including Dr. Jerry Nadler, M.D., Dean of the School of Medicine. 


Jessica Leung, M.D., New York Medical College (leung.jessica.MD@gmail.com)