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NYMC Medical Students Assist in Telemedicine Scheduling for Continued Symptom Monitoring in Patients Following COVID Testing

Last Updated: May 19, 2020


During this difficult and trying time, local physicians have been stepping up to serve their community as much as possible. With drive-through testing centers and increased patient volume calling for longer hours with limited staff, focus has been diverted to essential functions. The Tri-State area has been especially impacted by the current health pandemic. As such, students at NYMC have partnered with Murphy Medical Associates to support the healthcare professionals in supplementary roles so that they can be free to devote their time to clinical care. With 7 active drive-through testing sites across Connecticut, the medical practice has experienced an overwhelming number of patients with whom close follow-up care is of utmost importance. After completing the COVID testing, patients’ symptoms are monitored via daily telemedicine appointments until the test results. M1s and M2s are serving as volunteers to schedule these telemedicine appointments. Upon completing the testing, students are scheduling patients for a follow-up appointment to be completed the next day with M3s and M4s. This project also has the unique and advantageous feature of being remote, which allows students who may have been displaced to other regions of the country to make a difference in the medical community they had already begun to serve. 


Madison R. Kasoff, New York Medical College (mkasoff@student.nymc.edu)