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Mosaic in Medicine: An Online Platform for Underrepresented Voices in Medicine

Last Updated: September 3, 2021


Established in 2019, Mosaic in Medicine serves as an online peer-reviewed publication aiming to serve as a platform for underrepresented voices in medicine. As a peer-reviewed publication, the Mosaic in Medicine editorial board consists entirely of volunteer medical students. The journal is editorially independent and all content is reviewed solely by the medical student editors and the editors-in-chief prior to publication. With heightened racial and political tension arising during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mosaic in Medicine has provided a platform for topics such as racism and discrimination within healthcare. Additionally, it has served as an outlet for those confronting their mental health and the overall demands that accompany a career in modern medicine. The purpose of Mosaic in Medicine is not only limited to discussing the challenges faced by those traditionally underrepresented in medicine but also their triumphs. To that end, our team has published several articles ranging from meaningful patient interactions to poems and photography. Mosaic in Medicine initially began as a forum for those underrepresented in medicine to express their unique journeys through medicine. That said, the journal welcomes any and all health care students and professionals to submit meaningful experiences and reflections to the editorial team for review and potential publication. Vision The adversities and struggles of underrepresented voices in medicine and other healthcare professions are all too often overlooked or unrecognized. We believe there is a strength that can be drawn from sharing and discussing one’s own experiences. In addition to catharsis for the author, narrative medicine and creative expression are thought to develop a more patient-centered perspective, which combats physician burnout and improves patient satisfaction (1, 2). Mosaic in Medicine serves as a structured space for publication, discussion, and dissemination of peer-reviewed material, as well as a virtual domain for sharing perspectives, without fear of repercussions or judgment. The aim is to not only discuss the challenges we face but also to educate ourselves and celebrate our successes. Mission Statement Mosaic in Medicine is the materialization of diverse expressions of thoughts, ideas, experiences, and perspectives and critiques of the underrepresented voices in the medical field. Mosaic in Medicine seeks to: 1. Equip, empower and encourage students of health care professions from underrepresented groups as they navigate the medical training pipeline. 2. Serve as a platform to promote healthy discourse and critical evaluation of the culture of health care. 3. Facilitate connections between students from different institutions with hopes of fostering positive and progressive change in health care. 4. Educate our peers in healthcare about the unique and meaningful experiences that occur every day amongst underrepresented students and professionals.

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Alyssa A. Guo, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville (aaguo@email.sc.edu)
Scott Jamieson, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine