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Medical Student Support in the Lab and Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital

Last Updated: May 22, 2020


In the first few days of the pandemic, the Emergency Department doctors quickly began finding that they were spending hours calling potential-COVID-19 patients about their test results and fielding calls to the ED about their symptoms and test statuses. While very important work, the doctors also needed to tend to the patients entering the hospitals. Medical students in their third or fourth year who have clinical experience working with patients are able to help respond to calls and report test results, which lightens the workload for ED doctors to focus on triaging and treating cases in house. Students are also able to assess if patients should be followed up by their primary care physician or if they need to be seen immediately in the ED. With doctors overseeing the program, the medical students have guidance and are able to work as a team, which allows each member to help in a position that can best help the patients with the resources at hand. 

Good Samaritan Hospital - Lab Assistant Similar to the volunteer work being done in the Good Samaritan Emergency Department, third- and fourth-year medical students volunteering in the lab are tasked with calling patients to notify them of their COVID-19 test results, as well as field all questions and concerns regarding their result. They also assist in communicating with the drive-thru testing tests at Good Samaritan, and in inputting test results into patients’ electronic medical records. All of this is done so that the core lab staff are able to perform their usual tasks, and to help reduce the strain on the lab due to multiple original lab staff members contracting COVID-19 (and thus being unable to work temporarily).


Andrew Long, B.S., New York Medical College (along3@student.nymc.edu)