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Language Support for Community Education

Last Updated: May 6, 2020


Our goal is to provide education and support for our local communities that primarily speak non-English languages, especially Spanish and Arabic. We are closely partnering with community organizations—"STL Juntos" for Spanish and the "International Institute of St. Louis" for other languages—to produce informational video interviews with bilingual physicians, along with social media content, to dispel common myths surrounding COVID-19. There is also an effort underway to expand the language options of local hotlines. Right now we continue to create resources driven by community needs and circulate them through our local partners.

This project is being coordinated by current M3 and M1 leaders and is open to any medical students. Dr. Carlos Mejia (an epidemiologist) is actively overseeing the Spanish aspect of the project, including fact-checking the video scripts and participating in interviews, and Dr. Laurie Punch (a trauma surgeon) is overseeing all community engagement at our school.


    Bruin Pollard, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (bruin.pollard@wustl.edu)