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Emergency Department Family Member Updates

Last Updated: May 22, 2020


Given the strain COVID-19 has placed on the ED and the staff, calls from family members are not always prioritized. Medical students help bridge the gap by providing the extra hands and clinical knowledge needed. This project entails students receiving calls directed to the ED from family members who are looking for an update on a patient. Students would gather all necessary information and work with the team to get the most up to date information for family members. This would help streamline non-emergency calls for physicians/patient relations and free their time by gathering information via EMR and confirming any new updates. Students will not be in any direct contact with patients and when interacting with staff members will have masks (per hospital policy) and proper distance to minimize any exposure. This would be M3/M4 specific given the need for clinical knowledge/application. There is a closed office space specifically for students away from the main ED to review EMR information on the patient including lab work, notes, diagnostic images to gather a complete understanding of the patient before getting any updates from the care team. With all the information gathered, the student can dedicate the time to answering all the family member's questions and provide them the peace of mind they need. 


Stephanie Duque , New York Medical College (stephanie_duque@student.nymc.edu)