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COVID-19 Literature

Last Updated: May 6, 2020


The Problem: New literature on the virus has been published at a rapid rate. It is often difficult for healthcare providers to remain up-to-date on new discoveries about the virus when they are working overtime with higher patient loads. 

Our Approach: We wanted to create a document to summarize the current literature in an easy-to-digest and accessible manner for our local house staff. To achieve this, we recruited a team of dedicated medical/graduate students and scientists to read the latest COVID literature and submit short summaries to a Google form. We found that requesting summaries with the following section made them easier to read through: (1) Goal; (2) Methods (include study design, patient selection, outcome measures); (3) Findings; (4) Impact/Clinical Implications; (5) Limitations. These summaries are then selected and compiled into a single-page document to share with faculty and house staff via social media and email. In order to keep workload manageable for volunteers, seven small teams of 3-4 students each were asked to be in charge of disseminating the literature review summaries once a week (i.e. a team for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc). Each team had two slide deck managers, who were in charge of copying and pasting the literature reviews from the Google form into a slide deck and coming up with one-line high-impact takeaways to title each slide. Each team also had one handout design/layout person who compiled select papers into visually appealing formats using Adobe Illustrator templates and one social media person who disseminated our reviews more broadly using Twitter.


NYU Med Students v. COVID19, NYU Grossman School of Medicine (nyusomvcovid19@gmail.com)