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Wake Forest School of Medicine's Virtual Transition to Residency Course

Last Updated: May 8, 2020


Wake Forest School of Medicine has developed a virtual Transition to Residency (TTR) Course, and shared the following supporting course materials:  

  • Resource 1: "WFSM_AAMC Resource Document of TTR Course" is an outline of Wake Forest School of Medicine's Transition to Residency Course in its virtual format. This walks through with images the design/outline of the course within the learning management system, as well as outlining the components the students were to complete. Items that are modules that were accessed externally have the links included while other items are internal talks, sessions, etc. 
  • Resource 2: "WFSM_Medical Resources Final" is a list of compiled resources pooled from four virtual discussion boards that were a part of the course: General Resources, Medical Apps, Medical Websites, and Medical Podcasts. The students would elect to post their favorites in each category with general topics for each as well as specialty specific. These were all collated into a document organized by topic and specialty.


Michelle Keating, DO, Wake Forest School of Medicine (mkeating@wakehealth.edu)
Jon Goforth, MBA, Wake Forest School of Medicine
Leslie Adcock, MD, Wake Forest School of Medicine