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Virtual Emergency Medicine Clerkship Curriculum

Last Updated: April 16, 2020


This is a four-week course for the 4th year medical student that combines independent, self-directed learning with live, synchronous team-based discussions that serves as a replacement to hands-on, patient care-oriented EM clerkship. It is curated content built around the idea of “Simulated Patient Encounters” utilizing Online MedEd Case X videos of emergency medicine patients. It is organized by the most common chief complaints and procedures students will encounter in the clinical setting. Woven throughout the course are sessions in radiology and ECG interpretation and supplemental learning from textbooks, primary journal articles, podcasts, online board review, and FOAM blog posts. The students complete a daily quiz to reinforce topics and in preparation for the shelf exam. Each student is also asked to prepare a short case presentation. It utilizes the Microsoft Teams platform to build the assignments, quizzes and track grades. Online MedEd Case X and EM:RAP are proprietary resources utilized here for which our library has provided access to our students. The other resources are available free online or via download.


Kathryn Redinger, M.D., Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine (Kathryn.redinger@med.wmich.edu)