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Remote Learning for Internal Medicine Sub-Interns, with a Focus on Select Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs)

Last Updated: April 3, 2020


Each student picks one topic from the AAIM topic list, with a plan for a WebEx/Zoom conference with the other sub-I's and a faculty member to lead a 1-hour discussion of the topic; the student will lead the discussion with the faculty member assisting. Student must explicitly and clearly state the lab and radiology orders that they would want as well as the medication orders (as they would in EMR as well as on a prescription) -- these are to be submitted to the Course Director for review (EPA 4). 

Each student picks one case from the Aquifer cases, and writes a complete H/P, which will be submitted to the Course Director for review (EPA 5). 

Students take turns running a one-hour presentation of cases they saw during a prior course, done in a WebEx/Zoom discussion. They will include addressing a clinical question that came up during the case in PICO format (population, intervention, comparison, outcome). This will be done with faculty guidance/attendance (EPA 6). 

The students will participate in a faculty-led workshop that teaches how to write a discharge summary. After the workshop, each student will write a discharge summary for the same patient that he/she submitted an H/P (EPA 8). The MedEdPORTAL workshop at https://www.mededportal.org/publication/10613/ will be used for the session. 

The students will take turns leading a journal club session. They can pick an article related to a topic of interest, including about COVID-19. Each student will give a 30-minute journal club presentation. 

Each student will pick a physical exam maneuver and deliver a 15-minute presentation that teaches the other student how to perform the maneuver, as well as the pathophysiology and anatomy relevant to the exam. 

Each student will take a patient safety course offered for free with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI.org). They will then deliver a short summary presentation to the group over WebEx/Zoom, hosted by the Vice Chair of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement. 


David A Cohen, MD, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (DavidACohen.MD@rutgers.edu)