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Observed Telemedicine Simulation

Last Updated: March 29, 2020


This resource is a tool used to practice telemedicine for second-year medical students using a standardized patient scenario. The simulation which is 1 to 1.5 hours in length will emulate a telemedicine interview in an environment where learners are observed and given feedback by an expert clinician. The learning objectives/competencies for this training are to: 

  1. Collect information from a patient by attending to the patient.
  2. Record information.
  3. Display empathy appropriately. 
  4. Use questions effectively to demonstrate clinical reasoning skills; by pursuing symptoms to arrive at possible causes of the presenting chief complaint.
  5. Generate differential diagnoses based on gathered information.
  6. Present the case to the seminar leader using case presentation checklist.

To assess the understanding of skills demonstrated, students will be asked to: 

  1. Complete a medical write-up based on gathered information in the history, given physical examination findings, assessment and plan.  
  2. Explain why questions were asked or not asked.
  3. Prepare a succinct case presentation of the patient. 
  4. Communicate effectively in a culturally sensitive manner despite the telemedicine setting. 


Mariquita Belen, MD; Northeast Ohio Medical University (mbelen@neomed.edu)