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Motivational Interview Graded Standardized Patient Encounter via Telemedicine

Last Updated: March 24, 2021


This session consists of a standardized patient (SP) encounter utilizing communication best practices in a telemedicine format where the student must demonstrate the ability to carry out a motivational interview with a patient advised to stop smoking after hospitalization. The session was carried out over Zoom without direct patient contact due to increased cases and risk of COVID-19. Sessions leading up to this encounter included didactics on telemedicine communication best practices and motivational interviewing techniques as well as small group role play practice sessions for each with peers carried out over Zoom. Students were evaluated by direct observation via Zoom by their small group preceptors using a course standard communication rubric with motivational interviewing objectives. Learning Objectives were to: 1. Demonstrate the Fundamental Communication Skills during an SP encounter via Zoom. 2. In a simulated clinical encounter, correctly apply the stages of change and MI model to facilitate a behavior change conversation. 


Mary T. Bond, MD, Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership (mbond@uga.edu)