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Maternal Child Health Reflection and NICU Core Topic Review

Last Updated: March 29, 2020


We typically have our MS3s go to the NICU for an afternoon and complete a high-yield scavenger hunt so the learn core topics. After that, they speak with a family in the NICU regarding pregnancy, labor, delivery, and their NICU experience. They then do a 1-page reflection to discuss. Without patients, are instead using the journal entry (used with author permission) in combination with the scavenger hunt. The assignment's objectives are to:

  1. introduce core neonatal topics
  2. experience uncertainty in medical care through a family's perspective
  3. promote self-reflection, particularly for professional identity formation
  4. integrate maternal - child health topics in a single assignment 


Richard Hobbs, MD, University of North Carolina Hospitals (hobbsr@gmail.com)