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LGBTQ Health Clinical Training Using The eQuality Toolkit

Last Updated: March 29, 2020


This online module utilizes an online clinical skills manual, The eQuality Toolkit, to address the gaps in patient care for those who identify as a part of the LGBTQ community. It demonstrates best practices that can be incorporated into a clinical skills training environment to prepare UME and other learners for providing appropriate care for LGBTQ patients. The learning objectives/competencies for this training are to: 

  1. Identify heteronormative/cisnormative biases in patient care settings
  2. Practice inclusive communication when taking a patient history
  3. Discuss essential gender-affirming care options

This activity is intended for physicians, nurses, residents, and other healthcare professionals or trainees who interact with patients. This training was developed to be a primer that is accessible to healthcare providers at different stages, so any provider or trainee can learn inclusive clinical skills through this course. Estimated time to complete the educational activity is three hours. Includes a focus on: Inclusive Communication, Gender-Affirming Care, Preventive Care, Social Determinants of Health, Sensitive Physical Exams


Laura Weingartner, PhD, MS, University of Louisville School of Medicine (laura.weingartner@louisville.edu)