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Intentional Observation Exercise (IOE) Using Patient Videos

Last Updated: April 3, 2020


Initial resource from the intensive care network - online actual patient videos: Students are asked to watch a video of a clinical exam of an ICU patient and then post a video response answering a series of questions. The overall goal is to learn as much information about the patient in the video from simple observation and inference from their observations. The students are given a one liner, "40 y.o. admitted to the ICU after collapsing at home" and then will watch a video exam of the patient. The camera pans over the patient, paying attention to lines, devices, etc. as well the moves to the monitor, infusions, ventilator settings. From the observations, learners are instructed: 

  1. List all clinical issues and/or problems that need to be addressed from the clues in the video - organize by system approach (ICU pre-rounding sheet if needed) 
  2. What are the most likely diagnoses from observing the video? 
  3. List findings to support your diagnosis. 
  4. On continuing your clinical exam - what organ system(s) would you focus on? 
  5. List the investigations that you would perform and other clinical information that would want to gather. 

Once completed the students then record a 5-minute presentation on flipgrid which is shared online for questions and comments by their rotation peers for discussion. Video presentation and written "progress note" are also submitted for evaluation by attending or director with constructive feedback.


Ronald Reilkoff, MD, University of Minnesota Medical School (rreilkof@umn.edu)
Jessamina Blum, PHD, University of Minnesota Medical School
Julie Pierce, MS, University of Minnesota Medical School