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Family Medicine Virtual Clerkship

Last Updated: April 22, 2020


This virtual clerkship in Family Medicine entails (1) robust readings, (2) engaged participation in 6 video conferencing didactic sessions of 3 hours apiece, (3) the complete set of Aquifer cases, and (4) working through 20 novel cases developed by our department. 

Readings come from our standard syllabus: https://tuftsmedicine.pressbooks.pub/familymedicineclerkship/ 

Six didactic sessions cover these topics:

  1. Introduction/orientation, information mastery, fatigue, depression, antibiotics, pain, health maintenance/prevention.
  2. URI/COVID19, diabetes, hypertension, adolescent medicine, intimate partner violence, contraception, maternity care, menopause.
  3. Alcoholism, tobacco cessation, nutrition, motivational interviewing, pregnancy options, sports medicine.
  4. Disability, geriatrics, dermatology. 5: Underserved medicine, HIV care, homeless medicine, community health centers, transgender care, groups.
  5. Case review and final exam review. Each was a tightly choreographed 3-hour session led via video conference by faculty members.

The sessions comprised mini-lectures, live chat, Q&A, breakout rooms for students to have smaller group discussions in groups of 3-5 students, and real time quizzes using Kahoot. Aquifer cases are the standard Family Medicine cases: https://aquifer.org. Novel cases are included as part of this resource.


Deborah Erlich, MD, MMedEd, FAAFP, Tufts University School of Medicine (deborah.erlich@tufts.edu)
Amy Lee, MD, FAAFP, Tufts University School of Medicine
Peg Cyr, MD, MS, Tufts University School of Medicine