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Exploring Physician Career Options in Academic Medicine

Last Updated: April 16, 2020


This resource is a full-length non-patient contact elective course for teaching faculty to implement/host for their 4th year medical students. It has been converted to meet the needs of a videoconferencing platform for a total of 10 two-hour sessions. Reading citations, instructor directions, sample calendar, sample study guide, objective exam and presentation rubric are provided for further adaptation. The course objectives are as follows: 

  • Accurately define Academic Medicine (i.e. Institutional missions, professorial track options, mentorship, well-being, investigation, clinical teaching leadership, patient advocacy) 
  • Provide students with a snapshot of what careers in Academic Medicine look like currently 
  • Present current research on career paths in Academic Medicine to inform students of their choices
  • Present the shared values and expectations common to academicians in medicine 
  • Promote self-reflection and career planning around students’ value systems through academic articles, journaling, and discussion of career aspirations 
  • Expose students to current academicians to facilitate a better understanding of the various academic paths and their day-to-day 
  • Sensitize students to the various leadership styles and organizational cultures in the academe 
  • Foster a learning environment that promotes a true intellectual community and allows for uninhibited discourse, self-exploration, and respect for peer and professors’ views and contributions 


Guadalupe Federico Martinez, PhD, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix (gmartinez@deptofmed.arizona.edu)
Casey Robert Giblin, MPH, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix
Kenneth Scott Knox, MD, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and Tucson