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Delivering Constructive Formative Feedback: A Toolkit for Medical Educators

Last Updated: March 29, 2020


As Medical Educators, you recognize the value of formative feedback provided to medical students and residents at enhancing their clinical competence. Without proper training of educators in the delivery of formative constructive feedback, learners fail to understand their deficiencies and lack direction for improvement. Ultimately, if the feedback delivered to learners remains vague, the educational climate is compromised. 

The 18 tools within this toolbox represent educational activities and resources for use when training faculty, house staff and medical students how to deliver, receive and encourage feedback in the medical education environment. These tools have been developed with the adult learner in mind following sound andragogical practices and have been pulled together in this single flexible resource to afford others easy-to-implement tools for training. The tools may be used in isolation as training aids or in a variety of combinations to design a unique curriculum to suit a variety of learners. These may be customized to deliver remotely via synchronous or asynchronous methods.


Lisa Howley, MEd, PhD (lhowley@aamc.org)
Vanessa McPherson, MD