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COVID-19: Outbreaks and the Media

Last Updated: May 6, 2020


This 4-week course is designed to engage medical students in understanding the COVID-19 epidemic, track its progression using reliable sources, and empower students to engage with the community via social media. Students will gain skills in critical appraisal of information and the acquisition of high-quality data from reliable sources. Students will learn best practices in health communication with a general audience as well as evaluate the use of social media by other professionals. Students will build a social media profile where they will assess health news and provide the broader community with timely and accurate information about COVID-19 that directly relates to health information needs in the community.


Kristina Krohn, MD, University of Minnesota (kroh0040@umn.edu)
Nasreen S. Quadri, MD, University of Minnesota
Beth K. Thielen, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota
Serin Edwin Erayil, MBBS, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth A. Gulleen, MD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center