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Clinical Case Based Learning Sessions

Last Updated: March 29, 2020


The OHSU Evidence Based Medicine Clinical Case Based Learning Sessions are designed for remote presentation of best available evidence to answer patient care questions, present in a group, to encourage collaboration. It is led by one faculty and many of our groups have been remote via Zoom/WebEx. 
Learning objectives:

  1. Develop a curiosity for specific, patient-based clinical questions
  2. Advance your application of evidence-based medicine
  3. Demonstrate and practice group facilitation skills and teaching, including active listening and participation skills.
  4. By the end of the Small Group activity, students will be able to: 
    • Formulate a discrete, patient-oriented clinical question 
    • Evaluate literature for applicability of information 
    • Evaluate sources for quality of evidence 
    • Summarize and cite findings in a succinct written format
    • Present a patient case to his/her peers in a fluid manner 
    • Demonstrate general medical knowledge during others’ presentations 
    • Demonstrate knowledge specific to the presentation topic
    • Provide take-home points relevant to a family medicine practice 
    • Actively participate with peers in a respectful manner


Rebecca Cantone, MD, Oregon Health Sciences University (cantone@ohsu.edu)
Bre Gustafson, Oregon Health Sciences University
Benjamin Schneider, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Frances Biagioli, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Eric Wiser, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Christina Milano, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Brian Frank, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Ryan Palmer, EdD (while at Oregon Health & Science University)
Peggy O'Neill, Oregon Health & Science University