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Bridge to Emergency Medicine Curriculum

Last Updated: April 3, 2020


Bridge to Emergency Medicine (EM) is an 8-week, online curriculum designed to provide a high-yield, high-quality, broad introduction to the most important topics in Emergency Medicine. It is a collection of resources organized into daily practice recommendations for 8 weeks. The material intentionally interleaves topics and builds in spaced repetition. The resources have been vetted to ensure an up-to-date and broadly scoping overview of EM. We purposely did not deep-dive on very specific topics. Instead, we aimed to provide practical resources addressing the diagnosis and nuanced management of conditions that students would encounter in the Emergency Department. The materials used include podcasts, blogposts, interactive websites, and more. To access EM:RAP, students will need a student membership to Emergency Medicine Residents' Associate (EMRA). All other resources are freely available online.


Timothy Wetzel, MD, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (cshenvi@med.unc.edu)