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Learn Serve Lead 2019: Recommended CFAS Rep Programming

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The AAMC 2019 Learn Serve Lead Annual Meeting features a rich array of sessions and networking throughout the schedule. AAMC staff members have pulled together a list of programming opportunities with CFAS reps in mind.

Please use this guide as a reference only rather than a substitute for the full meeting program. There are many more sessions included in the complete agenda that are not listed here. You may wish to attend a session I did not include, and as a CFAS rep, you are free to attend all breakouts and many other events at the meeting.

Breakout sessions with an asterisk (*) were either proposed by CFAS reps or feature at least one CFAS rep as a speaker. Bolded sessions are exclusively for CFAS reps and guests, or are sponsored by CFAS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The New CFAS Rep Orientation that was on earlier versions of the schedule has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts. You are welcome to attend an orientation webinar for first-time attendees on Oct. 30 that prior to LSL.

Eric Weissman will be available during the Exhibit Hall Kickoff Reception on Saturday, Nov. 9, in the AAMC Pavilion for informal conversation about being a CFAS rep. See below for details.

As always, if you have questions or need help, reach out to Eric at or call 202-828-0044. We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix in November!

Friday, Nov. 8

  • 9:30–11 am: AAMC Leadership Presentation to COD/COTH/CFAS (Conv. Center West: 301 C). Open to all CFAS representatives.
  • 11:30 am–1 pm: First cohort of CFAS Committee meetings, with a snack/refreshment area. See program for room locations.
    • Communication, Mission Alignment, and Nominating and Engagement Committee (Nominating and Engagement Committee is closed; all others are open to all CFAS reps)
  • 1:30–3 pm: Second cohort of CFAS Committee meetings, with a snack/refreshment area. See program for room locations.
    • Advocacy, Basic Science, Diversity, Faculty Resilience, and Program Committee (Program Committee is closed; all others are open to all CFAS reps)
  • 3:30–4 pm: CFAS Cookies and Coffee Networking (Conv. Center West: 102)
  • 4–5:30 pm: CFAS Business Meeting (Conv. Center West: 102)
  • 5:45–7:45 pm: Welcome to Phoenix Reception, open to all Learn Serve Lead/Annual Meeting attendees (Arizona Science Center)

Saturday, Nov. 9

  • 7–8:15 am: CFAS Networking Breakfast (Hyatt: Regency Ballroom AB)
    • NOTE: The Family Medicine and Surgical Subspecialist working groups will be meeting in the breakfast room. Feel free to join them, or network with other CFAS reps in attendance.
  • 8:15–8:45 am: Opening Plenary: Performance by the Students of Rosie’s House
  • 8:45–10:00 am: Opening Plenary, American Injustice: Mercy, Humanity, and Making a Difference (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 10:30–11:45 am: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • Moving the Needle on Faculty Burnout: Assessing Outcomes of Wellness Strategies (Conv. Center North: 224)*
    • Advocating for Academic Medicine: The Power of Personal Relationships (Conv. Center North: 122)
    • Distinguished Research in Biomedical Sciences: A Virologist’s Journey into Immunology (Conv. Center North: 232)
    • Effectively Managing Patient Mistreatment and Aggression Toward Students and Health
    • Care Providers (Conv. Center North: 229)
    • Finding (and Paying for) Basic Science Faculty to Teach (Conv. Center North: 221)
  • 11:45 am – 1 pm: Focused Discussions and Box Lunch (Conv. Center North: Hall A)
  • 1:15 – 2:30 pm: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • The Promise and Perils in AI: Understanding Its Challenge Throughout the Academic
    • Medicine Continuum (Conv. Center North: 224)*
    • Social Media: Building (and Protecting) Your Online Professional Brand (Conv. Center North: 127)*
    • Achieving Health Equity and Social Justice for Newly Arrived Immigrants in Arizona and Beyond (Conv. Center North: 124)
    • Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination in GME: Getting to Accountability (Conv. Center North: 221)
    • Gratitude and Appreciation in the Workplace to Promote Well-Being and Engagement (Conv. Center North: 124)*
    • The Transition From UME to GME: Residency Preparation Courses in the Final Year of Medical School (Conv. Center West: 301 C)*
    • What Works to Promote Faculty Diversity? Exploring Ideas and Emerging Practices (Conv. Center North: 229)
    • Human Genome Editing in the Era of CRISPR: What’s Possible? What’s Ethical? (Conv. Center North: 222)
    • Highlights in Medical Education: Coaching/Faculty Development/Mentoring (Conv. Center North: 232)
  • 4:15–6:30 pm: Exhibit Hall Kickoff Reception (Conv. Center North: Hall BCD)
    • NOTE: New CFAS reps are encouraged to join Eric Weissman in the AAMC Pavilion area of the Exhibit Hall for an informal chat about being a CFAS representative.
  • 6:30-8:30 pm: GWIMS, GFA, COD, and CFAS Poster Reception and GWIMS Awards (Hyatt: Regency Ballroom)

Sunday, Nov. 10

  • 8:30–8:45 am: Plenary Performance by R. Carlos Nakai, Flutist (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 8:45–10:00 am: Leadership Plenary (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 10:30–11:45 am: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • Housing for Health: Medical Centers Approaching Housing as a Social Determinant of Health (Conv. Center North: 231)
    • Gold Humanism Honor Society Workshop: Advancing the Arts and Humanities in Medical Education (Conv. Center North: 124)
    • Teaching and Assessing LGBTQ Clinical Skills With the eQuality Toolkit (Conv. Center North: 224)
    • Racism, Medicine and Health: We Must Do Better Than This (Conv. Center West: 301 AB)
  • 11:45 am–1 pm: It’s Sunday! Let’s Do Brunch in the Exhibit Hall (Conv. Center North: Hall BCD)
  • 1:15 – 2:30 pm: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • Caring for Abusive Patients: an Ethical and Practical Challenge (Conv. Center North: 231)*
    • 1:15–2:30 pm.: Town Hall with David J. Skorton, MD, and the AAMC Leadership Team (Conv. Center West: 301 D)
    • From Education to Action: Integrating Social Justice in Medicine (Conv. Center North: 127)
    • Organizational Approaches to Advancing Women in Leadership (Conv. Center North: 224)
    • Burned Out: Learners, Physicians, and Systems (Conv. Center West: 301 AB)
    • Highlights in Medical Education: Wellness No. 2 (Conv. Center North: 131)*
    • Rethinking Health System and Research Collaboration to Improve Health (Conv. Center North: 224)
    • Carrots, Not Sticks: Applying Motivation Theories to Faculty Development for Sustained Engagement (Conv. Center West: 301 D)
    • Belonging, Identity, and Well-Being in Academic Medicine (Conv. Center North: 121)
    • Moving from Analysis to Action: Faculty Salary Equity as a Component of Gender Equity Strategies (Conv. Center North: 229)
  • 6:30–7 pm: AAMC Awards Reception (Conv. Center North: 120 Foyer)
  • 7:00–10 pm: AAMC Awards Dinner (Conv. Center North: 120) (Note: All CFAS reps are invited to attend, free of charge. You should have received a separate email invitation from “AAMC – Association of American Medical Colleges.” If you did not receive the invitation or have questions, please contact me at

Monday, Nov. 11

  • 8:30–8:45 am: Performance by the Dermatones of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 8:45 – 10 am: Plenary, The Soul of America (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 10:30–11:45 am: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • The Evolving Role of Physician Leaders in Academic Health Systems (Conv. Center North: 121)*
    • Clinical Care Innovations in Response to the Opioid Epidemic: Redefining Pain Management (Conv. Center North: 224)
    • Transition to Residency: a Multipronged Approach to Addressing the Pain Points (Conv. Center North: 124)
    • Effective Institutional Models for Addressing, Reducing, and Preventing Student Mistreatment (Conv. Center West: 301 D)
    • Finding Value in Community Health: the Business Case for Social Interventions (Conv. Center North: 131)
  • 11:45am–1 pm: Collaborate: Lunch in the Exhibit Hall (Conv. Center North: Hall BCD)
    • Protecting Research Integrity in International Collaboration: Safeguarding Open Science (Conv. Center North: 221)
    • Teaching for Excellence: Fostering Adaptive Expertise in Diagnostic Reasoning (Conv. Center North: 127)
    • Telehealth, Virtual Care, and More! How Will We Train Clinicians to Deliver Care Through Technology? (Conv. Center North: 224)
    • The Role of Med Ed in Facing the Opioid Epidemic: Results of a National Action-Oriented Workshop (Conv. Center West: 301 C)
    • Herbert W. Nickens Lecture (Conv. Center West: 301 D)
    • Hahnemann University Hospital: Lessons Learned from the Biggest Closure in Academic Medicine (Conv. Center North: 231)
    • Why We Should Care about Health Care for the Incarcerated: Academic Medicine and Justice Health (Conv. Center West: 301 AB)
    • Value Added: Opportunities for Late-Career Transitions in Academic Medicine (Conv. Center North: 221)*
    • Heroes Among Us: Perspectives on Living, Healing, and Battlegrounds (Conv. Center West: 301 AB)*
    • Violence Prevention Programs: Preparing the Physicians and Learners to Combat Gun Violence (Conv. Center North: 131)
    • An Inclusive Conversation on Gender and Sexual Harassment: Engaging Men and all Allies (Conv. Center West: 301 C)
    • Repairing the Breach: Medical Research’s Legacy in Minority Communities (Conv. Center North: 127)
  • 4:30–5:45 pm: CFAS Knowledge-Sharing Session with open mic (Hyatt: Regency Ballroom DC)
  • 6–7 pm: Joint CFAS/Medical Humanities Tweet Chat (outside Hyatt: Regency Ballroom DC)
  • 6:30–8 pm: Posters-Up and Wine-Down Reception (Sheraton: Phoenix Ballroom)

Tuesday, Nov. 12

  • 8:45–10:00 am: Plenary, Fearless: Creating Psychological Safety for Learning, Innovation, and Growth (Conv. Center North: 120)
  • 10:15–11:30 am: BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS
    • RIME: Medical Education: Who’s In and Who’s Out? (Conv. Center North: 124)*
    • Highlights in Medical Education: Grants (Conv. Center North: 224)*
  • 11:30 am–12 pm: Grab-and-Go Lunch (Conv. Center North: 120 Foyer)
    • Highlights in Medical Education: Wellness No. 3 (Conv. Center North: 231)
    • Seeing Circles Practicing a Restorative Justice Tool to Promote Community and Peer Dialogue in MedEd (Conv. Center North: 224)

*Denotes a session that has at least one CFAS representative as a speaker or that originated as a CFAS-proposed breakout session.

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