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GWIMS Call for Steering Committee Nominations

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The GWIMS Steering Committee's primary functions are to address the needs of GWIMS members with projects and products related to advancing women in medicine and science locally and nationally, participate in the GWIMS Annual Meeting program, and to recommend AAMC policy and program directions and initiatives relative to gender equity.

In an effort to increase the diversity of GWIMS leadership, we’ve dedicated one of our GWIMS Steering Committee positions to a non-faculty member of the academic medicine community who has supported or been involved in advancing women in medicine and science in their local institutions and had a role such as director, administrator, chief, vice president, etc. The Steering Committee has always been open to non-faculty leaders in academic medicine and now we are working to ensure the voice of non-faculty members is represented on the Steering Committee by reserving one spot for a non-faculty member.

This year we have two positions opened, one of which is reserved for a non-faculty member.

Learn more about the steering committee member responsibilities.

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Deadline: July 31, 2020

Nomination Packet Requirements

  • Nominee contact information and a recent color photograph of the nominee
  • Member-at-Large Summary Questions
    • Summarize why you would like to become a Member-at-Large of the GWIMS Steering Committee.
    • Briefly describe your role and responsibilities at your institution relevant to women's diversity and/or inclusion efforts.
    • List projects and/or issues you aim to work on as a member of the GWIMS Steering Committee.
    • List any previous involvement with the AAMC Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS).
  • Letter of Recommendation
    • Include letter from a leader at your institution who can attest to your experience with issues related to women in medicine and science.
All committee terms officially begin in November at the GWIMS Connect Business Meeting session at Learn Serve Lead: The 2020 AAMC Annual Meeting.

What are the activities and expectations of those positions?

The expectations for Steering Committee Member-at-Large positions include:
  • Attend one two-day yearly Steering Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. (cost covered by AAMC).
  • Participate in monthly conference calls to discuss the work and direction of GWIMS.
  • Participate in and promote sessions relevant to the GWIMS membership (as well as all future AAMC Annual Meetings during the term)
  • Participate actively via email and conference calls.
  • Maintain visibility with and outside the GWIMS community through participation in various areas (e.g. GWIMS listserv, GWIMS Toolkit, presenting at group meetings).

What is the work of the Nomination Subcommittee?
After the deadline for nominations, the applications received will be reviewed and the slate of candidates determined. Before the voting period begins, each candidate will be contacted via email regarding whether their name will be appearing on the election ballot for Steering Committee. No more than two candidates will appear per open available slot as Members-at-Large (e.g. 6 nominees for 3 available spots).

Who can vote?
Voting is available to designated GWIMS representatives, in our records on the first day of the voting period. All designated GWIMS representatives vote on the nominees for Steering Committee Member-At-Large candidates.

When is the voting period?
Voting by electronic ballot will begin in August and will remain open until early September. All candidates will receive notice from GWIMS staff regarding their placement on the ballot in the weeks leading up to that time. Upon closing of the election ballot, all candidates will hear from the GWIMS staff regarding their election to the Steering Committee the week following.


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