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Call for 2020 Group on Regional Medical Campuses (GRMC) Shining Star Awards

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The GRMC Star of Educational Innovation and Star of Community Achievement Awards recognize the significant efforts of regional medical campuses to develop programs that help students and strengthen ties with the communities they serve. All Awards are determined by the GRMC Steering Committee.

All nominations and related materials are due by December 19, 2019.

Use this online form to submit your proposals.

Award recipients will be announced January 2020.

Submission Criteria

To be considered, the nomination for each of the awards must include:

  • A program description addressing the following points:
    • Background
    • Description of main features
    • Innovative and/or unique qualities
    • Impacts and outcomes
  • Supporting documents (Optional and limit of 3)
    • Supporting documents may include an addendum to the program description, articles or publications that spotlight the program, or any items that aid in demonstrating positive outcomes related to the program
  • Letter of endorsement (if applicable)
    • The senior most administrator of the regional campus must endorse the nomination (this letter of endorsement is not required if the most senior campus administrator submits the nomination themselves).

Program Eligibility

To be eligible, the nominated program must:

  • Have originated at the regional campus
  • Be conducted/administered on the regional campus or between the regional campus and central campus
  • Programs originating from the central campus will not be considered 
  • Note: Programs developed on the regional campus and expanded to the central campus or other regional campuses will be given special consideration

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