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    COF Peer Evaluation Project

    The COF Peer Evaluation Project is led by a team of COF members charged with assessing the management of compliance programs and highlighting practices that may benefit fellow COF member professionals. These best practices may be noted in any area of compliance and can be structural in nature, process related, or specific document examples of the site's current program. If interested in learning more about the project, please contact Janet Holcombe at holcombej@email.chop.edu.

    • Process for Peer Review Evaluation of a Compliance Program
    • Peer Reviewer Application Criteria


    Below are best practices from member sites that have completed reviews: 

    Yale New Haven Health System - Best Practice Summary
    Yale New Haven Health System Privacy Program Best Practices - Review Conducted in October 2017.
    For questions please contact Terrie Estes, Vice President of Corporate Compliance & Chief Compliance Officer at terrie.estes@ynhh.org

    Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) - Review Conducted in 2013. 
    For questions please contact Julie Acker, Senior Director of Compliance at ackerj@musc.edu
    Medical University of South Carolina - Best Practice Summary 

    Yale School of Medicine - Review conducted in fall 2012.
    For questions about this best practice, please contact Judy Harris, Director, Medical Billing Compliance at judy.harris@yale.edu
    Yale School of Medicine - Best Practice Summary

    Baylor College of Medicine – Review conducted summer 2011.
    For questions about Baylor documents, please contact James Banfield, Chief Compliance Officer at banfield@bcm.edu
    Baylor College of Medicine - Best Practices Summary

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – Review conducted fall 2011.
    For questions about CSHS documents, please contact David Blake, Vice President, Corporate Compliance at blaked@cshs.org  

    • CSHS Compliance Monitoring Plan - SAMPLE ONLY
    • CSHS Compliance Monitoring Report 1 - SAMPLE ONLY
    • CSHS Compliance Monitoring Report 2 - SAMPLE ONLY