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Melanie Rutkowski, PhD, associate professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology at the University of Virginia (UVA) is leading experiments that may contribute to personalized medicine in the future.

Medical researchers and clinicians are making strides in understanding how to personalize treatment to individual patients’ needs.

  • Feb. 22, 2024
A young woman siting on a psychiatrist's couch in the consulting room and talking to her therapeutic practitioner.

As a growing number of U.S. states ban treatment to align a young person’s body with their gender identity, doctors must halt care they say can be lifesaving.

  • Feb. 20, 2024
Medical students teach medical techniques to undergraduate students who are participating in the summer Pre Med Enrichment Program at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) David Geffen School of Medicine.

Expanded summer pathway programs provide opportunities for disadvantaged students and promote equity in the medical field.

  • Feb. 15, 2024

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Medical Education
Press Release

The AAMC announced that in 2024, it will extend our Fee Assistance Program to residency applicants using the Electronic Residency Application Service®.

  • Nov. 5, 2023
Medical residents using electronic devices.

AAMC President and CEO David J. Skorton, MD, and AAMC Board Chair LouAnn Woodward, MD, express optimism that academic medicine can overcome adversity.

  • Nov. 5, 2023
AAMC President and CEO David J. Skorton, MD, and AAMC Board Chair LouAnn Woodward, MD, speak at the leadership plenary of Learn Serve Lead 2023 on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Amid rising efforts to ban certain views on campuses, students must be exposed to diverse and even offensive opinions in order to grow.

  • Nov. 4, 2023
AAMC President and CEO David J. Skorton discusses free speech with Jacob Mchangama, Amna Kahlid, DPhil, and Michael S. Roth, PhD, during the opening plenary of Learn Serve Lead 2023 on Nov. 4.

Throughout their careers, these academic medicine faculty have had a significant impact on medical education, patient care, and the biomedical sciences.

  • Oct. 26, 2023
Graphic with text "2023 AAMC Awards" on a white background

Are some views unfit to be aired at medical school? Tensions over critical social issues spur heated objections but also open room for thoughtful discussion.

  • Oct. 5, 2023
There is a person on the left side with a speech bubble. The bubble is being painted over by another person on the right side on a ladder.

Taking a page from airlines, hospitals are recording surgeries to reduce errors. Here’s why one expert says black boxes are key to improving patient safety.

  • Oct. 3, 2023
Mary Hawn, MD, MPH, and a colleague perform surgery at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California, under the watchful eye of an OR Black Box camera that is positioned above the door.

Part 2 of our conversation on race-conscious admissions with host David J. Skorton, MD, in discussion with Joon Kim, EdD, and Kyra Tyler, MEd.

  • Sept. 26, 2023
Beyond the White Coat Podcast Season 4, Episode 2: Race-Conscious Admissions with David J. Skorton, MD, Joon Kim, EdD, and Kyra Tyler, MEd.
Beyond the White Coat Podcast

Find the transcript for Ask an Expert About … Creating a More Diverse Medical Workforce podcast.


On this inaugural mini episode of Ask an Expert, Geoffrey Young, PhD, discusses the AAMC’s efforts to diversify the medical field.

  • Sept. 12, 2023
Beyond the White Coat presents Ask an Expert, Episode 1, with Geoff Young, PhD
Beyond the White Coat Podcast

Find the transcript for Shades of Opportunity: Exploring Race-Conscious Admissions podcast.