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    Podcast: At the Crossroads: Public Health and Gun Violence

    Season 5, Episode 1

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    The most recent tragic murders throughout the United States at the hands of gun violence are heartbreaking. These assaults once again vividly illustrate the all-too-familiar consequences of how gun violence continues to plague our nation, and they are also a reminder of how homicides, suicides, and unintentional injuries with firearms take an overwhelming daily toll on our communities. These preventable tragedies will continue to be inevitable as long as lawmakers continue to choose inaction over reasonable protections to keep our children and our communities safe. 

    In the latest episode of “Beyond the White Coat,” AAMC President and CEO David J. Skorton, MD, and Roger A. Mitchell Jr., MD, chair of the Department of Pathology at Howard University College of Medicine, have a compelling and informative conversation on gun violence as a public health crisis and how the academic medicine community can come together to address prevention.


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    Roger A. Mitchell, Jr., MD

    Episode Guest:

    Roger A. Mitchell Jr., MD, chair of the Department of Pathology at Howard University College of Medicine

    Episode Credits:

    • Host: David J. Skorton, MD, AAMC president and CEO 
    • Executive Producers: Susan Cato and Victoria Rivas-Vazquez
    • Producer: Laura Zelaya
    • Writers: Brooke Bergen, John Buarotti, and Kristin Zipay
    • Co-producers: Sholape Oriola and De’Angello Powe
    • Editor: Laura Zelaya
    • Digital Copy Editors: Elena Marinaccio-Frame and Michelle Zajac
    • Social Media Managers: Rachel Bunn, Kayla Spencer, and Michelle Zajac
    • Web Editor: Victoria Gunawan
    • Project Manager: Pearl Suh
    • Branding: De’Angello Powe

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